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Client Comments Tuition

Thank you for the many patient hours you have spent teaching me over the past eighteen months. My new wardrobe  filled wih beautiful dresses stands testimate to your exceptional sewing skills.


I have really enjoyed coming to your evening classes, & you have been really kind & generous to me. And you have encouraged me with my sewing challenges, at least they have been for me.


Thanks for all your help last night. I was feeling rather overwhelmed, but you've put me back on track!


I would like to say thankyou ......if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be heading in the direction of my life that I am.


I loved making this. It was fustrating at times trying to work out what went where but I was lucky enough to have an amazing teacher.


Know you don't ever want to see it again, but just have to let you know that it's the most deliciously warm thing that I own! The jacked is great with black pants too.


Thank you agsin for all your help, encouragement and advice during the term. I sooo enjoy our classes. Looking forward to another busy term.

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