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How I Work

At the initial consultation we discuss your requirements including style, fabric, cut and finishes.


I will also provide you with a written quotation. I can assist with advice on obtaining your fabrics. A number of fabric shops can be found on my Fabrics page.


All garments are firstly made up in calico or lining. This gives you the opportunity to make any changes to the design before I cut your fabric.


After the initial consultation I will require three fittings. The first in the calico, the second in your fabric and the third in the completed garment. More detailed bridal gowns may require an additional fitting. Your garment will be completed on a date to suit you, generally a couple of weeks before your wedding or function.


All work is completed by myself, including hand finishing, I do not outsource any part of the garment construction.


For my bridal clients I will endeavour to be outside the church, or venue of your wedding, on your arrival if you wish.

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